Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project Life in 2015

So 2015 will be my sixth year of completing Project Life. Yep, I have five full albums going all the way back to 2010 when Kiara was in kindergarten. I was only ever going to do one year, then I thought it wouldn't be fair to do Kiara's kinder year but not Alexa's, then after that it wouldn't be fair to do Kiara's first year of school and not Alexa's - and so on!

My albums are all very different. The first year was simply a week to an opening, one title page showing the date, seven landscape photos and a handwritten journalling card for each day.

Second year this was all a bit too much, so from then on have been focused less on doing daily photos and more on doing photos that tell the stories.

This year even more so, the last couple of years I have done a Week in Review card, kind of like a diary for each week. Not so this year. Not even doing any type of title card. I am just going to take the photos I want to, and add them in - some with a date to give some kind of reference.

I have started my cover page, but have to take some gorgeous photos before it is finished.

Here is page 1, my first Project Life page for 2015:

I am not using any particular kit for this year, more a mix and match of things I already have. I adore my Scraptastic kit, but have cancelled it due to the increased cost with the falling Aussie dollar - which I am very sad about. That said, I have enough cards to do lots and lots of albums, so there should be no real issue!

I am linking this page up with the new Project Life challenge blog Life Zesters, where the January challenge is to show your style. Well, this is my current style - no guarantees by the end of the year it will still be looking the same.